Colourpop Pretty Fresh Line Review

Hi, all!

In today’s post, I want to share with you my in-depth review of Colourpop newly launched line, which is called “Pretty Fresh” line. Just like its name, Colourpop advertised this line as a line that consists of products that promotes healthy-looking, fresh and natural-finish skin. All products are infused with hyaluronic acid (aka HA) known to hydrate and support healthy looking skin, and coconut water known to support hydration and skin softness. The full line consists of a primer, a tinted moisturizer, a creamy concealer, a setting mist and two blending sponges. Pretty much all you need in a base makeup!

When I first heard that they were releasing this, I happened to be in the market for a tinted moisturizer. These days I don’t feel like putting too much products on my skin, so I was very excited and felt like this line was launched in a perfect timing for me!

After doing some research and watching many reviews, I decided to pick up only the tinted moisturizer, the creamy concealer and the setting mist, and here’s the reason why.

The primer contains coconut oil as the fifth ingredient mentioned on the ingredients list, which means it is the fifth most contained ingredient in it. Coconut oil, although has so many benefits for our body and hair, is infamous as (one of) the suspect behind clogged pores. After years of trial and error, I just recently found a perfect skin care routine for my skin and have been loving my skin since, so I don’t feel like damaging my skin just because I wanted to try something new. I’ll just stick with products I know work well for me. And FYI, other products in this line don’t contain coconut oil so you can pick them up with no worry!

I didn’t pick up the blending sponge because I currently have a blending sponge that I really like. It’s local made and costs only USD 2. I don’t have any justification to replace it just yet.

I hope you’re OK if I only review the items I picked up!

Items I picked up
Blending sponge I’m currently using

My preferences and skin type

I think it’s important to inform you first about my preferences and skin type. I have a pretty normal skin: not too oily and not dry at all. My skin is not acne-prone, but I have some spots with acne scars because I do have hormonal acne. My skin also has some textures and quite large pores. With this condition, I like matte and dewy finish makeup equally. I also don’t mind going out even without makeup. I wear full-coverage makeup only on special occasions. On a daily basis, I only wear light to medium-coverage makeup.

I have medium-neutral skin tone. The shades I picked up were Medium 10N for the tinted moisturizer and Medium 85N for the creamy concealer. And below are my other foundation and concealer shades for your reference:
Estee Lauder Double-Wear Stay-in-Place SPF 10: 2N2 Buff
Wet n Wild Photofocus Foundation: Buff beige
Colourpop No Filter Stix Foundation: Medium 81N
Colourpop No Filter Concealer: Medium 26


First of all, I want to share with you my wear-test of these products. I’ve been wearing these products routinely for the past 2 weeks, and I applied them with different method and product combination to find the best and most suitable way for me to wear them.

1st Wear-Test


This day I wore the tinted moisturizer, the concealer and the setting mist without applying my Wet n Wild Photofocus matte primer, and I applied all of the products by using only my fingers because I was in a hurry that day and can’t be bothered to damp my blending sponge. The tinted moisturizer applied nicely and easily using fingers, but the concealer was (just like it claims) very full coverage and creamy and it was a bit hard to applied by only using fingers. After that, I baked my face just like usual with my Innisfree no sebum loose powder. After dusting-off my powder, my face looked completely matte, but after spraying it with the setting mist, somehow the natural-finish was brought back.

During the day, I unconsciously touched my face several times, and I noticed the base was shifted so my face looked patchy on different spots. I wore this base for at least 8 hours, and by the end of the day, my under-eye area was creasing so bad, the products around my nose and my chin was a bit worn off.

This first trial was definitely not a very satisfying one for me.

2nd wear-test


The next day I applied my matte primer before wearing the tinted moisturizer. I applied the tinted moisturizer still with my fingers first, and than dabbed it with my sponge to blend it out. After that, I applied the concealer also with a sponge. This time I can clearly see that the concealer applied so much faster and easier with a sponge. And this concealer is really full coverage until a little goes a long way. After that I applied the rest of my makeup, baked my under-eye area with my loose powder, and finished it with the setting mist.

I wore this makeup for almost 12 hours this day. And wow surprisingly, by the end of the day, my under-eye area was not creasing at all! The product on some parts on my face (like my nose and my chin) was still worn off, but I can say it worn off nicely as long as we didn’t touch our face too much.

3rd wear-test


This day, I just wanted a casual makeup day because today I didn’t have many things to do, so I applied as minimal products as possible. I didn’t apply my primer and the concealer, and apply the tinted moisturizer with only my fingers. After that I applied the rest of my makeup, baked my face (as usual), and sprayed my face with the setting mist.

I only wore this makeup for about 6 hours and by the end of the day, my make up still looked very decent. I didn’t notice too much products worn off of my face. So I can safely say that the tinted moisturizer applied nicely for 6 hours even without a primer.

4th wear-test


This time, I wanted even more casual makeup day. I did my makeup without primer, and I wanted to try the tinted moisturizer without baking, so I only set it with a pressed powder and the setting mist.

This day I wore my makeup also for around 6 hours. And (as I mentioned above) even though my skin is pretty normal, I still produce some oil by the end of the day. Because I didn’t set my face with baking method, I saw a decent amount of sheen on my face at the end of this day, and I like it. My skin looked natural but still with a decent amount of coverage.


So finally, here are my thoughts about the three products I picked up from this line, which are the tinted moisturizer, the concealer, and the primer.

The tinted moisturizer: It has a very light consistency, but I don’t find it runny. One pump is enough to cover my entire face. It has light coverage and to be honest I don’t find the need to build it up. If I need more coverage, I’d better go with a BB cream or a foundation. It can be applied easily with our fingers, and then just dab it with a blending sponge just to make sure it’s spread evenly onto our face. I think I won’t ever apply it with only a sponge since it has light consistency, the sponge might absorb it too much, and it’s such a waste of product. It stays on quite well on my face even without primer. When I set it only with pressed powder, after 6 hours I get some sheen to my face. When I set it by using baking method, I get visible sheen only after 8 hours and it doesn’t really transfer or wiped off. Even when I wear it with the concealer or not, my under-eye are is not creasing after 8 hours. It also worn of nicely (not patchy). I really recommend this product for when you want a very casual makeup day or if you like light coverage base. If you like full coverage base, I think this product is useless for you.

The creamy concealer: It really does what it claims. It’s creamy, cushion-y, full coverage, and a little goes a long way. It feels light-weight, too. If you like full coverage makeup, then this is for you! It’s better to apply it with a sponge. I don’t know about brush, tho, because I never apply my concealer with a brush. If I bake it well, it stays on very well and I personally don’t get any creasing even after 12 hours. If I don’t set it properly, it moves around my face, creasing, and worn off a bit patchy. So I highly recommend you to set it properly! I’m so used to matte concealer, so I’m happy I found this concealer that’s creamy but not greasy and stays very well on my skin. Definitely a nice addition to my collection, and I think I might repurchase it!

The setting mist: TBH, I don’t find any setting property with this setting mist. I don’t find my makeup stays on better even after using it. It has nice coconut scent that’s not too overpowering, but if you don’t like makeup with scent, you might want to re-consider picking it up. However, it’s a nice pick-me-up that you can spray to your face in the middle of your day. It also brings back the natural finish to my face after applying a face of makeup. What I like the most about this setting spray is actually the nozzle. It sprays the product finely and spreads it evenly onto my face. However, frankly speaking, you won’t be missing out even if you don’t have this in your collection. I personally didn’t regret picking it up, but I might not repurchase it since I like my Milani setting spray far better.

So yeah, that’s all my review, guys! I hope you found it helpful. Please tell me on comments below which one/ ones you picked up and how you’re liking them so far? Or if you haven’t, which ones will you pick up?

Talk to you, soon!


6 thoughts on “Colourpop Pretty Fresh Line Review

  1. I’m glad this line has worked so well for you! I really want to try the tinted moisturizer, I really like that natural light coverage look. Great review!

  2. Thanks for the useful review! Did you find it hard to colour match? I’ve been so curious about this line, but I can barely colour match in person, let alone buying blindly online hahaha.

    1. Hi! Thanks for stopping by and reading my review! Colourpop posted some photos of the person using the shades and they tagged their Instagram, too. So what I did was actually stalk their Insta and see which person has the closest skin tone as mine ๐Ÿ˜† Apparently it works and I got my perfect shade for the tinted moisturizer (which is Medium 10N). As for the concealer, I matched it by inputting my tinted moisturizer shade on the shade finder when choosing the concealer shade. I hope it makes sense! And I hope you’ll be able to find your perfect match! ๐Ÿ˜

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