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Hey, all!

After what feels like a blue moon, I finally can play with makeup again! For a couple of months back, life was a bit crazy so I didn’t have other choices than to prioritized it first >.< But recently, as things are getting under control, I thought I want to sit back and relax and finally dust-off my makeup collection XD

Around the beginning of September, Colourpop, THE brand that never sleeps, released yet another collab with Kathleen Lights, one of a few big YouTubers I still watch for the past 5 years. And this collection is kind of special because, for the first time, CP released a MEGA eyeshadow palette that consists of 30 shades in a palette. This palette is called So Jaded, and retails for $ 39.

courtesy of Colourpop

With BIG ideas, come even BIGGER palettes. In collaboration with Kathleen Lights, introducing our biggest palette ever. 30 super pigmented shades, including the perfect combination of matte and metallic shadows, 1 Super Shock Shadow, and 2 Pressed Glitters. Inspired by crystals and gemstones, create a rich neutral eye or the perfect jewel toned monochromatic look – this palette is everything.

Colourpop website

Kathleen has always been creating a pretty and unique collection, so I can’t complain even if they collaborate again and again. And this one too is no exception. The color choices are pretty and vibrant, and they happen to be the colors I gravitate toward when it comes to an eye look.

At first, I was sure I’m going to pick up this palette whenever it’s on sale (I know, I’m cheap XD ). But the more I saw swatches and reviews, the more I came into the realization that I might have most of the shades in that palette scattered on all of my eye shadow palette collection. So, I decided to take a closer look at my collection and find as many similar shades as possible.

Surprisingly, it didn’t take too long to gather all of those similar shades! I found these dupes from 9 palettes from my collection. I will make an abbreviation of the name of each palette to make it easier for me to mention them. They are Colourpop’s “Chasing Rainbows” (CR), “Through My Eyes” (TME), “It’s A Princess Thing” (IAPT), “Good Sport” (GS), “Give It to Me Straight” (GITMS), “Sweet Talk” (ST), “Main Squeeze” (MS), “It’s My Pleasure” (IMP), and Urban Decay’s “Born to Run” (BTR).

On Colourpop website, they didn’t do the swatches based on each row of the palette. Instead, they did it based on the color family. I will collage the swatches I took with the swatches on Colourpop website. The top picture will be my swatches, and the bottom picture will be Colourpop’s swatches.

Without further ado, here they are!!

The first color family is the neutral one. I will break it down one by one from the right most shade. I didn’t find any dupe for shade “Pearl” and “Rose Quartz” from this family. For the shade “My Precious”, I found two dupes, which are “Matter of Fact” from GITMS and “Chip” from IAPT. They’re just a nude shade that are perfect for setting my eye primer. The next shade is “Royal Jewels”, and my dupe is “Grumpy” from IAPT. This one is a nude-pink shade. The shade “Grumpy” looks a bit too pink on this picture, but in real life, I think they’re pretty similar. And the last shade is “Diamond”, which is a super shock shadow, my dupe will be the shade “Side2side” from ST which is also a super shock one.

The next color family is the red one. I didn’t find any dupe for “Jasper”. The shade “Garnet” will be duped by the shade “Red Bottom” from MS, the shade “Ruby” will be duped by the shade “Nocturne” from TME, the shade “Carnelian” will be duped by the shade “Hooky” from GS, the shade “You’re A Gem” will be duped by the shade “Truth Hurts” from GITMS, and the shade “Sunstone” will be duped by the shade “Melody” from ST. “Truth Hurts” looks a little bit too pink on this picture, but in real life, actually it’s coral enough, similar to “You’re A Gem”.

The next color family is the blue-emerald one. I only found three dupes for this group. The first one was “Onyx”. It is similar to the shade “Midnight” from IAPT. This is a black matte with a bunch of sparkly particle. The second one was “Emerald”, which I found the dupe from an Urban Decay palette, BTR, in the shade “Wanderlust”. And the last one was the shade “Turqoise”. It’s similar to the shade “Bring It” from CR.

The next color family is the purple one. I didn’t find any dupe for shade “Alexandrite” and “Flourite” from this family. For the shade “Stoned”, I found the dupe from GS in the shade “Trophies”. The next shade is “Amethyst”, and my dupe is “Chick Lit” from IMP. This one is a pretty spot-on dupe. The shade “Ametrine” looks pretty much the same as the shade “Pretty Cruel” from IMP. And the last shade “Smoky Quartz”, also looks pretty much the same with the shade “Eclipse” from CR. This shade is very unique, it looks like a grey-ish taupe-y purple, very pretty on the eyes!

And finally, we came to the very last color family, the green one! I found three dupes for this group. The first one is the shade “Citrine” will be duped by the shade “Wild Sould” from TME. The next shade, which is a pressed glitter one, “Topaz” will be duped by also a pressed glitter, which is the shade “Early Mornin'” from ST. And the last shade is the shade “Peridot”, has a pretty spot on dupe, which is the shade “EBB” from GS.

So that’s all guys the dupes I found from my collection (pat myself). I found 18 similar shades from 30 shades in So Jaded. Which means, if I buy it for $ 39, I only get 12 new shades!

By finding these, I’m not trying to say that Kathleen copied everything that has been released by Colourpop and put it into one palette. No, that’s never my intention. At beginning of this year, I promised myself to be wiser with my spending. Therefore, before buying anything, I always try to investigate, whether I have a similar stuff like that in my collection, whether I really need that stuff and whether that stuff will add value to my collection. And I always avoid buying something impulsively just because the hype surrounding it.

This year I managed to wait a couple of months before buying anything. By doing so, I can really see whether I still want it even after waiting for some time. And by doing so, I can manage my spending better.

After finding these dupes, do I still want So Jaded palette? Kind of, because I still think it’s nice to have all the colors I like in one palette without having to grab from several palettes all at once. But again, do I ever grab shadows from several palettes when I do my eye makeup? No, I always try to use only one palette every time I do my eye makeup. Do I want to spend $ 39 for 12 new shades? Absolutely not. If they’re discounted even for 40% will I grab it? Hmm, kind of >.<

So, did I decide to never pick this palette up? No, unless they release another big palette with color story I like more. At this time when I’m writing this post, actually they’re going to release another 30-pan palette called Bare Necessities. But since the shades are pretty much neutral, I decided to not pick that one up.

What do you think, guys? If you were me, will you still pick this palette up? Will you pick it up when it’s discounted? Please share your thoughts on the comment section below, k?

I also have a referral link so that you can get 20% off your FIRST purchase only. This is not an affiliate code but I will get also 20% off my next purchase if you use this link to make your FIRST EVER purchase with CP. So it’s a win win for us!

My Referral Link

This code (as far as I’m aware) is applied for all Colourpop’s products including new arrivals. So it’s a very good deal! Please feel free to use it or not. I really appreciate if you decided to use my referral link to make your purchase! ^^

Talk to you soon!


One thought on “Colourpop So Jaded Palette Dupe

  1. Great job! I’m sure if people own palettes from other brands in addition to any from ColourPop, they would be able to find dupes within those palettes as well! For me, this palette was seriously stunning but I knew I wouldn’t use half the shades regularly, so I couldn’t justify buying it!

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