Colourpop Blush and Lite Stix Review

Hello, my friends!

Today, I’m sharing my review of Colourpop Blush and Lite Stix, which I bought back in December last year. They are not new by any means, they have actually been on the market for around 6 months, I think. I just bought them recently because of my low-buy rules that stated I can only buy new items on June and December, so these are part of my December haul.

For the last two months, I’ve been playing around with them, trying different ways to apply them to be able to find the best and most effective way. And today, I finally wrapped up my thoughts about them and am ready to share it with you!

General Information

our creamy, dreamy, first ever blush stix are the easiest to use blush stick ever. glides on the skin, blends effortlessly, and easily builds colour to your heart’s desire. the lightweight, natural, skin-like finish plays well when layered and doesn’t disturb your makeup. take it with you anywhere for on-the-go application – just dab, blend, and glow!

They retail for $8 each, but can be purchased in a bundle. There are several different kinds of bundles available on Colourpop website. I bought this one, called Rose To The Top bundle, which consists of two blushes: Invite Only and Roosevelt, and one highlight: Acting Up. This bundle retails for $22, but I bought them when they were on sales for 30% off. One stick contains of 8 grams of product, which is actually almost twice the amount of their super shock blushes with the same price.


They, obviously, came in stick forms, with plastic packaging. They are light-weight and slim, so I find them practical and easy to travel with. They don’t come in fancy luxurious packaging but I don’t mind it at all. I prefer cute, fresh and youthful look like this. The cap is a click-closure, not a screw-top, if that makes sense (don’t know how to explain it better in English ><) and it’s pretty secure to bring while traveling. I have no worries that the cap will come off accidentally.

Texture and finish

These are not my first cream blush and highlight products but actually my first ever that come in sticks, so please keep that in mind as I don’t have previous experience to compare them with. When they arrived, two of them came a bit melted but still pretty intact. It also didn’t affect the performance of the product itself. They can still be applied as easy as the one that came perfectly in shape.

You can see the second and third ones from the top look melted, while the top one looks still intact

Just like what they claim on their website, these are very creamy and glide on easily on the skin. The blush in Invite Only actually has a bit of sheen to it. They are not chunky glitters so if you hate shimmery blush, it’s not like that at all. When it’s applied on the skin, it just makes my skin looks healthier and fresher. It’s like my skin is naturally glowy, which I really like.

On the other hand, the blush in Roosevelt doesn’t have any sheen at all, but it’s not matte either. It looks very natural so when I’m wearing it, it’s like my skin is naturally blushing. The color is also unique. I can’t really describe it, because on the stick it looks brown but on the cheeks, it looks so natural especially on my medium skin.

At first, I was afraid the highlight in Acting Up would look too dark on my skin. Thank goodness, it doesn’t at all. I was actually sold by Kathleen Light’s review of this particular highlight shade. She raved it on her review video and I’m not disappointed at all! The highlight looks so natural when perfectly blended. It melts completely into my skin, makes my skin looks glowy from within. I personally can use it as highlighter or blush topper, but for you who have lighter skin tone, you can only probably use it as a blush topper.

Shade names from top to bottom: Roosevelt, Acting Up, Invite Only
The shades after blending. You can see Invite Only has a little bit of sparkles.


Now, this is the challenging part XD. The premise of these products is for us to apply on-the-go, which means we want them to be super easy to apply, without any tools other than our fingertips. So the first time I tried to apply them, I first swirled my finger on them and then I dabbed and blended them onto my skin using my fingertips. Sadly, they didn’t show up very well with this method. I tried to build the color, they finally showed up, but not in the usual pigmentation that I want from my blush. I picked up the darkest shade in the collection and I have medium skin tone, so I was a bit disappointed with the pigmentation when using this method. Maybe if you like sheer blush, you’ll have no problem with it.

Next time, I tried to dab them directly onto my cheeks, and then blended them using my fingertips. This method didn’t deliver different result than the previous one. So I was still a bit disappointed. But, these two methods worked well for the highlight! The highlight showed up nicely and easily. However, I still haven’t given up on the blushes. I must find a way to apply them!

I then tried to apply them with a buffing brush. I swirled the brush on the product first and then dabbed and blended them onto my cheeks. Finally, this was the pigmentation that I want!! The blush showed up nicely just from the first application without me having to build it up. And the highlight, I found both using fingertips and a brush work just as well, but when it was applied using a brush, it looks even more melted onto my skin, so I personally prefer this method better!

The buffing brush that I use

The Performance

So far, I never worn them more than 5 hours. I tried applying them directly onto my skin and on top of a base product, and I found them to stayed on better on top of a base product. On direct skin, I think they faded away in just 3 hours. On top of a base product, be it a foundation or a tinted moisturizer, I found them to be pretty intact for at least 5 hours.

Final Thoughts

I LOVE the shades, the texture, and the finish of them. Really, no complaint at all. However, they’re not my holy grail yet. I wanted to be able to apply them only with my fingertips, sadly it’s not the best way to apply it for me. I can certainly bring the buffing brush to apply them if I’m taking them with me when I’m traveling, but it kinda cancel the practical reason of me buying them in the first place. Would I buy other shades? I don’t think so, I think I’m good with all I have now!

That’s all my review for these products, guys! Are you interested in them? Or did you buy some of them already? How do you like them? What’s the best application method according to your experience with them? Is there any other shades you recommend me to try? Please comment below, ok?!

See you when I see you!


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