Looké Holy Flawless BB Cushion: no powder needed?

Halo, semua! Di post pertamaku di bulan Februari ini, aku mau mengulas sebuah cushion lagi, nih. Semoga belum bosan, ya. 🙂 Kebetulan aku lagi ada kesempatan mencoba-coba cushion baru. Jadi sekalian saja aku share hasil percobaannya supaya bisa bermanfaat juga bagi yang mungkin sedang mencari-cari cushion yang tepat. Buat yang belum baca post aku sebelumContinue reading “Looké Holy Flawless BB Cushion: no powder needed?”

Luxcrime 2nd Skin Luminous Cushion: Halal? Not for oily skin?

Hai, semuanya. Tidak terasa, sudah di penghujung bulan Januari 2021, ya. Bagaimana awal tahun 2021 kalian? Semoga semuanya masih tetap sehat, ya, di tengah pandemi ini. Di post pertama di tahun 2021 ini, aku ingin mengulas sebuah cushion yang baru saja dirilis oleh Luxcrime sekitar seminggu lalu. Aku sudah mencoba memakai cushion ini selama duaContinue reading “Luxcrime 2nd Skin Luminous Cushion: Halal? Not for oily skin?”

2020 Low-Buy and Empty Project

Hey, all! I can’t believe it’s that time of the year again! Another year, another goals! Well, actually, I believe to start something good we don’t have to wait for a new year, we can just start whenever we want to. But, it’s true that it’s easier to start doing something in a time whereContinue reading “2020 Low-Buy and Empty Project”

Colourpop Pretty Fresh Line Review

Hi, all! In today’s post, I want to share with you my in-depth review of Colourpop newly launched line, which is called “Pretty Fresh” line. Just like its name, Colourpop advertised this line as a line that consists of products that promotes healthy-looking, fresh and natural-finish skin. All products are infused with hyaluronic acid (akaContinue reading “Colourpop Pretty Fresh Line Review”

Colourpop So Jaded Palette Dupe

Hey, all! After what feels like a blue moon, I finally can play with makeup again! For a couple of months back, life was a bit crazy so I didn’t have other choices than to prioritized it first >.< But recently, as things are getting under control, I thought I want to sit back andContinue reading “Colourpop So Jaded Palette Dupe”

Colourpop BYOP Haul and Review: May 2019

Hey, all! Today’s post is an exciting one because I finally order my first ever Colourpop BYOP palette! Yeay!! I always wanted a face palette because I travel quite often and bringing my face makeup all in one palette can save so much time in packing and so much space in my travel makeup bag.Continue reading “Colourpop BYOP Haul and Review: May 2019”

Best Japanese Drugstore Beauty Products

Hey, all! As I mentioned several times in this blog, although now I live in Indonesia, I once lived in Japan for 3 years from 2013-2016. During that time, I, of course, used Japanese drugstore beauty products a lot. And by doing so, I found several gems that I keep re-purchasing even though now I’veContinue reading “Best Japanese Drugstore Beauty Products”

Colourpop 2019 Birthday Collection: Buy or Bye

Hey, all! Today’s post is another episode of my Buy or Bye series where I talk about recently-released full makeup collection and discuss whether it’s worth a purchase or not. At first I didn’t plan to make this a series in my blog, but from time to time, I find some full collections worth toContinue reading “Colourpop 2019 Birthday Collection: Buy or Bye”

Easy and Quick Skincare Routine to Look Young in Your Late 20

Hey, everyone! I think it’s really the first time I talk about skincare on this blog. I always talk about makeup while actually I care about my skincare as much as I do about makeup. For me, skincare is even more important that makeup, and I was interested in skincare first even long before IContinue reading “Easy and Quick Skincare Routine to Look Young in Your Late 20”

Things I Would’ve Bought: Feb-Mar 2019

Hey, everyone! It’s another end of the month again, which means it’s time for me to give you an update about my low-buy year project! It feels just like yesterday I wrote my January “Things I would’ve Bought” and in fact it’s already the end of March. Can you believe how fast time flies! So,Continue reading “Things I Would’ve Bought: Feb-Mar 2019”