I feel so sorry that I left this blog for quite a long time. I didn’t even finish the 30-day writing challenge I promise myself to finish. Ini semua bermula sejak saya pindah ke kota baru, di mana saya harus mengurus rumah dan anak saya sendirian tanpa ada yang membantu sama sekali. Alhasil, saya tidakContinue reading “Sorry”

New Halal Restaurants in Japan – Review

Alhamdulillah, in only this month (February 2015), I had the opportunity to visit three new halal restaurants in Japan, due to accompany some of my guests who were on vacation here. I am really glad that the growth of Islam in Japan shows promising direction, despite some not-so-good news about Islam that are still airing sometimesContinue reading “New Halal Restaurants in Japan – Review”