Day 6: Five Ways to Win My Heart

Hello, everyone!

Today’s theme is, as you’ve might known from the title, five ways to win my heart. Umm, actually, I am bit confused with the term “win” here. Is it supposed to be winning in a romantic way, I mean like attraction between man and woman? Or just in general? Because I think what a friend did to me can win my heart too. But finally, I decided to write about winning in a romantic way (even though I am married now so who cares XD ), just because 😛

Care. It doesn’t have to be necessarily care about me solely, but about other people too.For example, before speaking, he always think whether it will hurt other people’s feeling or not. Or, care to tell his girl friends (not girlfriend) to not going home late, and if they do, he makes sure they go home with some other people to ensure their safety.

Remember small details. I think I mentioned before that I don’t have very good memory about particular episodes in my life, but, if I am attracted to someone, I will remember every detail about him. So I expect he also remember small details about me, or something I’ve ever told him.

Click in conversation. We don’t have to be having similar interest or hobby, but you know you had a good conversation when you didn’t notice where time has gone, right?

Initiative. Initiative to help even though he is not asked to, or initiative to apologize even if he knows he did nothing wrong 😛

Well-groomed. It shows that he has good manners toward others, because he doesn’t want other people to see him in untidy appearance.


For boys who read this list, I hope you find it helpful for you to win your lady’s heart 😀


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