Day 5: Five Places I Want to Visit

Hello, everyone!

It seems like I’m still on my track on doing this challenge. Yay! 🙂 So here we go the day 5: five places I want to visit.

UK, or to be more specific, all Harry Potter filming locations in UK. You might have bored listening to me talking about how I like all about HP world, so sorry, I have to mention this again 😦 UK is definitely on the top of my travel bucket list. I already have the list of places I want to go to if I had a chance to go UK. I don’t know when this dream will come true, since it’s quite far from Indonesia, my husband now is working in a company, and my son is still too small. But, who knows? Luckily, my husband’s travel bucket list is also UK, since he loves football (not American football, but soccer) and Sherlock Holmes. So UK is on the very top of our dream destinations 🙂

Alnwick Castle, where Harry learnt to fly for the first time

NORWAY. In term of natural phenomenon, I really want to see aurora or northern lights in Norway. For me, aurora is very special since it can’t be seen everywhere. For example you can see snow in most of sub-tropical countries, you can see sea in any coastal areas, but aurora can be seen only in northern countries. That’s why Norway is also on my bucket list.

Aurora spotted in Norway

SANTORINI, Greece. Because the place is so pretty and has that romantic vibe. Enough said.

No caption needed

NETHERLANDS (or Holland? I don’t know 😦 ) Ever since I was a kid, my mom always read bedtime stories for me. I have a whole rack of children’s books with stories from around the world. You know, books with stories on the left side, and illustrations on the right side. I think that’s when my love for books grew. I always love reading books and going to the library near my house. And I think that’s also when my dream to travel the world arose. On one (or some) of those bedtime stories, I saw a very pretty illustration of windmill with tulip field and dutch house. And also pretty dutch ladies with dress and klompen (dutch shoes, also called clogs). Since then, I’ve always wanted to see them with my own eyes.

Windmill with tulip field and dutch houses
Cute klompen

MAKKAH and MADINAH to do pilgrimage. I’ve been there before but only to do umrah. Insha Allah I will go there again to do pilgrimage or hajj. Amen.

Masjidil Haram in Makkah, a city that never sleep


Actually, as someone who loves to travel, there are many more places I want to visit. I even haven’t mentioned some in Indonesia, my own country. But I think, currently these five are on the very top of my bucket list.

See you on the next day! 🙂

PS: picture credit goes to Google


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