Day 3: My Top Three Pet Peeves

Yay! Ever since I read the list of 30 day writing challenge titles, I knew what I want to write for this one right away. It is as easy as abc!

Oh and FYI, according to, pet peeve is something that annoys or bothers a person very much.

Ok, so here they are..

SPOILERS. Ugh I hate spoilers to the bottom of my heart. And it happened just last night! As a witch trapped in a Muggle body Harry Potter geek, I read not only the book but also Pottermore, Harry Potter wikia, and sometimes I watch YouTube videos about HP facts. Last night, when I was watching a video about Fantastic Beasts, without warning, the people on the video spilled an important plot of The Cursed Child! I haven’t even finished reading the book yet 😦 Before this, when I was reading a fact about The Malfoys, I also accidentally bumped into an important fact that will be revealed on The Cursed Child book. Whoever reading this, please don’t spoil anymore thing from The Cursed Child… ><

Thanks to my best friend, Wia, who gave this as a birthday present for me straight from the UK 🙂

TARDINESS without effort to be punctual. I accept tardiness with a credible reason, but some people just don’t value punctuality that much. Even when I was studying in Japan (a country famous for its punctuality), one of my lab mates was always late to our lab meeting. He is a kind person, but he’s just always late. And the other lab members sometimes talk about his habit behind him. You do know some of your friends who are always late, don’t you?

People DISCUSSING ABOUT MOVIE they are watching inside the theater. Hello, there are other people who are also watching the same movie around you. Can’t you just talk inside your head? -_- And sometimes they also spill some of their knowledge about the movie! Ugh 😦

What are your pet peeves? Do you have the same ones as me?


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