IUES 2012: Sweet Escape Day #2

Day #2: Lecture, Lecture, Eat!, Lecture, and Lecture..and then Gala Dinner!!

Today was a full lecture day! Since the beginning I had anticipated that today would be boring (jahat ya saya :P), or maybe because I had suggested that it would be boring that’s why it was? I don’t know..haha..

Anyway, I came late and scolded by one of the committees (even it was the only day I came late, and “late” definitely is not my middle name). I came late not because I woke up late, but there was something I had to do in the morning. And because I came late, I got a seat in back row and it was no fun at all. I can’t seat beside any of the Japanese students. I just can have a chat with Rika and Kyoko who sat in front of me.

The lecture began with some speeches and official opening of this seminar. After that, the event continued with the introduction of all the participants. Participants of this seminar not only from TUT and ITB, but also there were 2 participants from Kosen (Rika and Yusuke) and 4 participants from Madania High School Bogor (Shiba, BN, Yolie, and Jean) along with their manager, Bu Tika πŸ™‚ Bu Tika, you are indeed good at spoken English! πŸ™‚

First introduction was by Japanese students. I remembered Todo-san, who is Master degree student at Computer Science Department, mentioned his interest, which is robotic something I don’t understand :P. And then he asked the audience, what is the most popular programmed robot in Indonesia (or something I also didn’t understand the question :P), and all we can answer was just Asimo which from Japan. Wkwkwk. And that time, I realized you must be very genius, Todo-san!

Second introduction was by ITB students. Most of ITB students introduce themselves by mentioning their hobbies and interests. I didn’t know why almost everybody like watching j-dorama and listening j-pop! Maybe that’s why we were easily closed with each other, because we shared the same interests.

When it was my turn, I only mentioned my name and the fact that I will go to Japan next year to do Master Degree as the reason why I’m studying Japanese language right now.

“γ“γ‚Œγ‹γ‚‰γŠδΈ–θ©±γ«γͺγ‚ŠγΎγ™.Β γ©γ†γžγ‚ˆγ‚γ—γγŠι‘˜γ„γ—γΎγ™,” I said.

When I came back to my seat, Shota asked me, “which university will you go to?” And then I answered, “筑泒倧学.” And he said, “wow, it’s a very good university!” Really? It was the first time Japanese people told me that 筑泒倧学 is a very good university (mostly Indonesian people don’t know where Tsukuba is since it’s not a very hip tourism place like Tokyo, Kyoto, or Osaka). I felt relieve and realized that it’s not a wrong decision πŸ™‚

At 12 o’clock we had break time to lunch and also sight-seeing ITB. At this time, we would be partnered between one ITB student and one Japanese student to introduce them about ITB. My partner was Kyohei from Information Engineering. We join Dita, Memes, Christopher, Yuki, Shota, Nezu, and Yosuke. We did a kind of hanami in Sipil Field. We ate on the grass and below the trees! πŸ™‚ After that, me, Memes, and Dita did Zuhur Prayer in West GKU Musholla while the others accompanied by Christopher looked how weird West GKU Stairs are. It has 0.5 floor! πŸ˜€

And then we went back to the room to hear the Lecture again. I sat beside Kyohei this time. And we both felt very sleepy so we played bingo instead of focusing on the lecture πŸ˜›

After the non-stop lecture finished, we were divided into 6 groups to do the field trip tomorrow. I was in the same team as Zahrina, Riri, Seiya, Ito-san, and Todo-san (Ito and Todo both are much older than me so I add “san” after their name). We were given 20 minutes to discuss what we will bring, ask, or research tomorrow. We were the first group to finish our discussion.

After the discussion, I necessarily have to go to the Harvest Cake Shop with Dita, Yuki, and Shota, but I totally forgot, so I went home early because I was so tired. I took a bath and a quick nap before went to Gala Dinner at Food Opera tonight.

It was soooo fun at the Gala Dinner!!!! We all sang some Japanese songs together happily as if we have known each other for a long time. The song was Doraemon and Kokoro no Tomo. Even someone searched the lyric on his cellphone so we can sang easily πŸ˜› We also played thumb games. Kyohei and Shota were lost so they have to eat chilly sauce. Hahaha! We also made weird face and took some pictures.

At 9 pm, we must leave the restaurant because the booking time was over. And of course we didn’t go home after that πŸ˜› It was too early πŸ˜› We went to McD by angkot! Not all of us joined this sudden plan, only me, Nanda, Anton, Agung, Riri, Daiki, Kyoko, Shota, Oishi, Rian, and Memes (CMIIW). Β The Japanese students were so confused about the angkot (tempat duduknya sempit, harganya murah, dan ada orang yang bisa bergelantungan di pintunya. Haha!)

*Agung took some pictures of us in front of McD but he still hasn’t uploaded them yet, so next time I’ll update the pictures πŸ™‚

And finally, we went home at 11 pm because we remembered that tomorrow we must woke up early to go to the village.

Oyasumi nasai ~~ *hoahm

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